About Our School

Gesamtschule Rietberg – Rietberg comprehensive school

The school, which was established in 2013, is an upcoming, innovative school situated right in the centre of Rietberg. At present the school has three grades (year 5, 6 and 7), two grades consisting of 6 classes, 1 grade has 5 classes.
There are about 500 pupils between 10 and 14 years old and 33 teachers. The school will be expanding every year until we reach the final expansion in 2022. We expect to have around 1200 pupils/students by then.
Our school offers almost all secondary school qualifications, which can be achieved in the state of Northrhine-Westphalia including A-Levels.
The school’s mottoas can be seen in the logo is living – learning – performing (Leben – Lernen – Leisten) and that pretty much sums up what our attitude to school and being at school is like. We want to educate our pupils to become responsible young adults bearing in mind all different aspects of later life, which can be taught and experienced at school.

Our pupils have many different religious, cultural, educational and national backgrounds, which enables us to use a large variety of input and experience when implementing our curricula and designing school life and everything that can be associated with that (breaks, projects, school exchanges, Café International, school clubs etc.)

Our school-day starts at 7:30 a.m. and finishes at 3:25 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and at 12:50 p.m. on Tuesday and Friday. The subjects being taught are:

  • Languages: German/ English/ French/ Spanish/ Turkish
  • Social sciences: history/ geography/ politics
  • Natural sciences: Biology/ physics/ chemistry
  • Art & design, craft, physical education (including swimming), religious education and music.

Our facilities include several gyms, an indoor swimming-pool, sports grounds, a kitchen, a canteen, a kiosk, computer rooms/a self-study centre and a theatre whose architecture follows the example of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London. (The theatre is owned by the town of Rietberg, but they appreciate and support its use).

Our ideas on interculturalism include our participation in two state projects. The first one deals with the heterogeneity of our pupils and how we can successfully use that asset in our lessons.
The second project focuses on the further development of intercultural awareness based on teaching German as the educational language required, but at the same time appreciating all the languages of origin of our pupils and their families and bearing the associated difficulties in mind when planning our lessons.
See: http://www.lehrerfortbildung.schulministerium.nrw.de/vielfaltfoerdern/
and www.sprachsensible-schulentwicklung.de

We also participate in language competitions (e.g. The Big Challenge), intend to continue the exchange programme with Saddleworth School that has been existing for many years on the one hand and on the other hand initiate new exchanges/projects with schools all over the world. See our profile on www.etwinning.de
Our Café-Bistro International provides our pupils, teachers and parents with the opportunity to introduce their own culture or learn more about other cultures during and after school-times.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to us, please write to:
sekretariat@gesamtschule-rietberg.de or phone: + 49 5244 986480 and ask for Ms Heidrun Elbracht.

A short description of the town of Rietberg by the Mayor

Rietberg has about 30,000 inhabitants and consists of seven areas- Bokel, Druffel, Mastholte, Neuenkirchen, Rietberg, Varensell and Westerwiehe. The town lies to the south of the district of Gütersloh on the upper reaches of the river Ems.

The heart of the town is the historical town centre, influenced by its historical background as a county town and home of aristocrats. Rietberg is known as „the town of beautiful gables“, referring to over 60 lovingly-restored half-timbered buildings. Other hidden treasures waiting to be discovered are the rampart complex, the cloister gardens and the area surrounding the chapel of St. John.

 Because Rietberg nestles in large nature reserves extending over 500 hectares, it boasts picturesque cycle and rambling paths. Both those looking for more leisurely outings as well as our very fit visitors will find suitable routes for their excursions. The cultural and leisure programmes cater for young and old alike. Here one can make the most of many and varied club activities, the events of the „Rietberg summer“ and the „Kulturig“ programme series, (the latter name is a pun on the words „culture“ and „original“) as well as guided tours of the town, ornithological walks, canoe trips, Golf, Minigolf, and covered wagon tours. Our typical local gastronomy will both pamper and fortify you! 

You will find a summary of all these details in our tourist brochure „Visiting Rietberg“. It includes a map of the town, cycle routes, a range of gastronomic suggestions and ideas for what to do. It is available free in the tourist information centre in the citizens‘ bureau at the town council offices.
Rügenstrasse 1, 33397 Rietberg, Tel. 05244- 986111, fax 986400, e-mail info@stadt-rietberg.de. Of course you can also visit our web-site on the internet www.rietberg.de to gain an impression of Rietberg and to find out relevant information.

 Excursions and activity tips
Tips on rambling and cycling as well as for inline-skaters can be found in the brochure „Visiting Rietberg“. For a historical guided tour of the town in the picturesque town centre, as well as ornithological walks through the expanses of the nature reserves phone Frau Kerstin Thüer in der Touristikinformation im Bürgerbüro Tel. 00 49 52 44 – 98 62 01

  • Town library with over 25,000 items and the town archive Altes Progymnasium, Klosterstrasse 13 Tel. 05244-986371.
  • Nature trail- at the open-air swimming pool. Guided tours Tel. 05244-986322
  • Organ-builders workshop „Speith“- Ralf Müller, Im Sack 1, Tel. 05244-8852
  • Bread museum exhibition of „Bread as food and cultural inheritance“ Herr Böttcher, Pochenstrasse 10, Tel. 05246-4643
  • Bible village- find out about and experience the bible- Protestant congregation- Eva and Dietrich Fricke Tel. 05244-981953
  • Canoe trips on the Ems- Martin Hillemeier Tel. 05244- 986308 or mobile phone 0175-9027507
  • Open-air swimming-pool- several pools, a wet-sand area, a sun-bathing lawn, beach volleyball pitch- Torfweg, Rietberg
  • Windsurfing- on the Mastholte lake- Mastholte Windsurfing and Sailing Club, Herr Hachmann Tel. 02944-7025, Herr Helmig, Tel. 0171-3198040
  • Short panoramic flights over Rietberg- Dietmar Gieffers, Tel. 0170-4130050 or at Optik Schmidt (an optician’s shop) in Rietberg, Tel. 05244-7483
  • Hot-air balloon trips- Herr Dirkwinkel, Tel. 02944-5166 or Herr Sommer Tel. 05244-5938 or mobile phone 0171-5735487
  • Golf- Westfälischer Golfclub on Gütersloher Straße, Tel. 05244-1388
  • Minigolf- Institut Vita, Stennerlandstrasse 22, Tel. 05244-988040
  • Cycle hire Tourist information in the citizens? bureau at the town council offices.
  • Covered-waggon trips- Wenzel Stroop Tel. 05244-8896
  • Pony stables Bick’s Ponyhof, Bicksweg 48, Tel. 05244-3076
  • Zoological gardens- Nadermanns Tierpark on the border between Rietberg and Delbrück Tel. 05244-5163

These are just some of the varied activities you can participate in. If you have further questions or particular interests, please enquire at the tourist information centre in the citizens´ bureau at the town council offices. Here every effort will be made to help you.
* Taken from Rietberg’s main website: www.rietberg.de

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